My Hero Academia OVA All Might Rising Hindi Dubbed

Movie Info
Name : All Might Rising [ MY Hero Academia Two Heroes Special OVA ] Release Year : 2018 [ Hindi Dubbed on 2019 ] Language : Hindi
Quality : 720p HD
Size : 42MB

Summary : At just a few minutes long, My Hero Academia: All Might Rising glosses over part of the No. 1 Hero’s origin. The gritty piece begins with All Might in battle, but he is taken out of the fight by his mentor Nana Shimura. The hero is heard screaming in grief as Nana is left behind to face All For One alone, a feat that guaranteed her death.

“I’m leaving the rest to you,” Nana says. “All Might, I’m counting on you.”

The heartbreaking clip does end with Nana dying at the hands of her nemesis. All Might is left to train at UA Academy with Gran Torino. The pair butt heads more than once as All Might is mourning the loss of his mentor, but Sorahiko will not let Nana’s death be in vain. A violent training match leads the two to see eye to eye, and the OVA ends with All Might moving to the U.S. to travel far away from All For One’s base in Japan.

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